People of the world, all nationalities, races, and ethnicities, we are all one; created by the almighty to go into the world and teach understanding. Be ambassadors, stand tall like a Pine. Give honor and respect.  Be of good faith and receive the blessings of the Great Spirit who dwells within.

Dancing Spirit

The Feather

Feathers are an important symbol of Native American Culture.  If a Native American has obtained an achievement or has been recognized by and for a special deed, a feather is given as a sign of respect and honor.  The feather is a sign of trust, strength, power, wisdom, and honor.

Our Prayer

Great Spirit,

We pray for peace and strength as we put our future endeavors in your hands.  Let each one of us take and apply our ancestral teachings and knowledge to our everyday lives.  Forgive us Great Spirit for any misdoings.  Guide us, teach us, and strengthen us to carry on as leaders.

Dancing Spirit

Great Spirit

We offer our thanks for the abundant blessings you have given us.  Help us to love, be compassionate, and live with honor that we may heal the earth and each other.  May we continue to strive for the betterment and cohesiveness of our people.


Dancing Spirit

The Turtle

The turtle is a sacred figure in Native American symbolism as it represents Mother Earth.  The meaning of the Turtle symbol signifies good health and long life